Bits of networks

Bits of networks

Networking, system, research


This blog is mostly about networks, and how you can use them for fun and for saving the world (yes, this is overly ambitious). Overlay networks, wireless mesh networks, routing protocols, free software, free hardware, Do-It-Yourself ISPs, community-owned networks... And probably other stuff.

As a general rule, ideas and principles behind networks are discussed, and not only "how to do this particular thing with that particular software". I strongly believe that networking is not hard, provided you understand what you are doing, which is often the most difficult part. Once you know what you are doing, it is relatively easy to use the available networking tools, or to create new ones. That being said, I will definitely provide configuration examples when they are non-obvious and/or use some obscure functionalities.

Most articles are in English, but some of them may be written in French, when the matter is really specific (for instance, how to setup IPv6 connectivity with a particular ISP in France).

If you wish to contact me or have a comment on an article, please send an email to root (at) the domain name of this blog without the "blog" prefix.