Bits of networks

Bits of networks

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12 Feb 19

Introducing daily logs

As you may have seen, I am not very good at writing regular articles here! I often get ideas for an article; sometimes I am motivated enough to actually start writing it; but then, most of the time, I never finish the article.

With my third and (hopefully) last year of PhD going full steam, and still lots of involvement in community networks, I decided to change my writing approach and start publishing a daily log of what I do.

What should you expect?

Content-wise, I will mostly talk about networking, of course!

More precisely, I will cover the following activities:

  • my research activities: what I'm currently working on, interesting discussions with colleagues, conferences I attend, etc;
  • my teaching activities, also mostly related to networking;
  • my non-profit activities in Grenode, Rézine, Fédération FDN and other organisations related to community networks.

I may also cover other activities that are not directly related to networking, for instance Openstreetmap, the GCC compile farm, contribution to various free software, and so on.


Since this is a new exercise for me, I welcome all kind of feedback! You can reach me on Mastodon or by email (root at <the current domain name minus blog>).