Bits of networks

Bits of networks

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23 Jul 14

Back to business

So, writing a blog again. I had one, years ago. Hosted at home, like this one (though it was behind DSL at the time, FTTH wasn't as widespread as it is now). It was about free software, programming languages (especially functional), and maybe already some bits of networks. I remember writing a long post after discovering network neutrality for the first time, thanks to a talk by La Quadrature du Net.

This new blog will be mostly about networks, and how you can use them for fun and for saving the world (yes, this is overly ambitious). Overlay networks, wireless mesh networks, routing protocols, free software, free hardware, Do-It-Yourself ISPs, community-owned networks... And probably other stuff I forgot.

As a general rule, ideas and principles behind networks will be discussed, and not only "how to do this particular thing with that particular software". I strongly believe that networking is not hard, provided you understand what you are doing, which is often the most difficult part. Once you know what you are doing, it is relatively easy to use the available networking tools, or to create new ones. That being said, I will definitely provide configuration examples when they are non-obvious and/or use some obscure functionalities.

By the way, this blog will not show photos of big Cisco routers, or explain how to do X with insert your favourite prioprietary router OS here.

Hopefully, this blog will stay up longer than the previous one. Enjoy reading, and happy hacking!